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INNOVA 500 2-Gas analyser 
Emission analyser with bright LED displays and a built-in thermal printer. 
Specially equipped with an extra filter for two stroke engines.
The analyser is standard equipped with to hand grips for mobile usage.
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INNOVA 500 4-Gas analyser 
One of the most advance emission analyser with clear LED display.
The fully digital infrared gas bench technology provides rapid analysis
of a vehicles performance with pinpoint precision of the exhaust measurement.

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INNOVA 2800 Emission analyser
TEN's latest emissions analyser controlled by a powerful computer system
and equipped with the latest digital technology!
Expandable with Bluetooth communication, EOBD and the TEN smoke
meter as a key option.
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INNOVA 2000 Emission analyser.
The most advanced emission analyser controlled by a powerful Pentium
based computer system that can test both catalyst and diesel vehicles.
The Innova 2000 is equipped with test features such as RPM and Oil-
temperature sensor, voltmeter and a Lambda sensor test.

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Gas analyser black box with TEN PC software package