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UBT3000 Engine speed sensor with vibration sensor 
The UBT 3000 is the latest type  of electronic RPM adapter in the UBT series. The UBT 3000 incorporates a vibration sensor counter and battery / alternator signal counter in one compact and modern device.

The UBT 3000 is modern in design, extremely easy to operate and  uses advanced technology. In the UBT two different technologies are combined: the battery / alternator ripple voltage and the engine vibration technology. The UBT 3000 actually comprises two electronic RPM counters in a new, compact device. 

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The UBT 1000 is a unique RPM sensor designed for use with both Petrol & Diesel engine vehicles. With recent technological advances in petrol engine management systems and new developments in diesel engine technology like the "common rail” systems it has become increasingly difficult to measure RPM using traditional "HT cable” & "Piezo” clamp methods.
Suitable for most passenger cars and commercial vehicles (optional) the UBT 1000 is fully approved to European specifications and is designed to conform to most governmental vehicle testing requirements.
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The TEN EOBD RPM is a digital EOBD engine speed sensor which can be used on all existing TEN multigas analysers and smokemeters. The EOBD RPM is connected on the EOBD connector of the examined vehicle and through a connection cable mounted on the multigas analyser/smokemeter.

EOBD is an abbreviation which stands for European On Board Diagnosis. This means that through defined communication protocols the vehicle is able to send vehicle related information to external equipment like motortesters, fault code readers or gasanalysers.