The PTL moto is a fully digital platform brake tester, developed and produced by TEN Automotive. The PTL is compact and quickly installed on any type of floor. The measured information is rapidly processed and presented on an easy to read ultra bright LED 
display, equipped with a swivel wall bracket.

The PTL has a standard integrated weighing system for a dynamic weight measurement during the brake test. Alternatively, the operator may also enter the registration weight. In particular for lightweight motorbikes, this can show a significant difference for the brake deceleration.

The PTL is fully equipped with hot dip galvanized steel and epoxy- quartz coating on the brake plate. Solid sensors for the brake force and motor weight, with industrial current control for long cable lengths without any problem. The tester is used in stand-alone mode, controlled by the remote control or in the fully automatic mode. Results of the test, braking force / weight / deceleration, are presented on the display, the integrated thermal printer or via the available serial network connection.

•   Single phase 230 Vac mains connection
•   Installation in 2.5 hours
•   No civile works necessary
•   Complete test within 20 seconds
•   Low exploitation costs
•   Long lifetime of 15 years


Dimensions display
Dimensions plate                                          172x55x4.5 cm (l x d x h)
Display mount                                               Swivel wall bracket

Power supply                                                90-250 Vac / 40-50 Hz (1 phase)
Force measuring range                                0-10.0 kN
Weight measuring range                              0-250 kg (per wheel)

Material                                                        Hot dip galvanized steel
                                                                     Epoxy-quartz coating
Bearing system brake plate                          Polyamide rollers with stainless steel plates
Force sensor                                                Industrial 1-9 mA
Weight sensor                                              Industrial 1-9 mA
Remote control                                             IR
Printer                                                          Thermal micro printer
Displays                                                       75 mm ultra bright

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