TEN Automotive have developed a new windshield tester, the WAT560. The tester measures the light transmittance (or absorption) of car windows. Increasingly, cars are equipped with solar control film, so the view of the driver can be reduced drastically. Using the WAT560 (Window Absorption Tester) can be quickly and accurately, measuring the amount of visible light coming through the car window. The legal limit which is used for the windshield and front side windows is a light transmission (transmission) of 55%.The factory value is always above 70%.  

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The tester consists of two, or rather three parts. The transmitter, receiver and a computer or laptop. The transmitter is placed on the inner side of the car window. The transmitter features a stabilized green LED that emits a beam of light through the car window. The receiver is placed on the outside of the car window. Due to the unique adhesion system both parts are attracted to each other and the receiver is automatically aligned to the transmitter section. The receiver then measures the amount of light that is transmitted through the car window. After the measurement, the results are directly transferred via a secured Bluetooth connection to your computer or laptop. Of course, the WAT560 also be used stand-alone without a computer. All three parts are completely wireless. There comes to pass any cable.

The WAT560 is fully microprocessor controlled and uses the latest techniques. The WAT560 equipped with a new type of large surface optical sensor. The sensor makes it possible that car windows can be accurately measured. Having a thickness from zero to 12.5 mm does not cause any problem. Existing meters indicate varying values ​​at different window thicknesses.
The WAT560 is equipped with an alphanumeric OLED display and two buttons as user interface. The tester is fully menu driven and therefore easy to operate. An acoustic signal assists with the user interface. The display is very clear and fully readable even in evening light. Existing testers have a numeric display that only displays the measured value.
The WAT560 measures the transmission of a car window with a resolution of 0.1%. In order to ensure the accuracy, an automatically zero-point calibration is carried out before the measurement. The calibration takes only five seconds. As a control after a measurement or periodic check, the WAT560 is equipped with an electronic calibration test. With a push on the button, 0, 30, 50 and 100% transmission is simulated and the operation and accuracy of the tester is controlled. The accuracy of the WAT560 is set at + / - 2% transmission.
The electronic calibration test makes using external reference materials unnecessary. The test provides a guaranteed measurement reliability. Nevertheless, the meter is also provided with a neutral density filter with a certificate in order to perform an additional control.

The WAT560 is equipped with modern battery technology combined with advanced components. The Lithium-Ion batteries have a capacity of 500 mAh and thereby ensure a continuous use of about five hours for the receiver and twelve hours for the transmitter. To charge the batteries, the WAT560 comes with a Lithium-Ion charger.

The embedded software WAT560 makes the tester complete. Existing transmission testers have only brief software. The WAT560 provides a continuous measurement, a complete measurement procedure, a service menu, a calibration test, wireless data transmission and a low-battery indication. The WAT560 is specially designed for use in testing authorities (PTI centers) and government (police). Measurements for stationary or mobile use, fast and accurate. The WAT560 is menu-driven and very easy to operate.



Dimensions transmitter and receiver:

102 x 190 x 33 mm (wxlxh)

Housing material:


Adhesion System:

Vacuum Cups and magnetic field


Automatic,  magnetic field


9 Volt Lithium-Ion 500 mAh


Lithium-Ion, 8 hours, 4 stages



2 x 16 characters, OLED technology


N.Ö. key


Bluetooth Class 1, 100m open field


Fully wireless



100 - 0%






+ / - 2%


+ / - 1%


Menu driven:


Automatic zero calibration:


Electrical calibration test:         

0, 30, 50 and 100% transmission

Standard test:  

100 - 0% transmission 0 - 100% absorption

Measuring procedure:

Right side window, left side window and front

Low battery indication

Audible and visual



Neutral density filter:

about 50%