TEN Automotive have developed a new windshield tester, the WAT560. The tester measures the light transmittance (or absorption) of car windows. Increasingly, cars are equipped with solar control film, so the view of the driver can be reduced drastically. Using the WAT560 (Window Absorption Tester) can be quickly and accurately, measuring the amount of visible light coming through the car window. The legal limit which is used for the windshield and front side windows is a light transmission (transmission) of 55%.The factory value is always above 70%.  

The tester consists of two, or rather three parts. The transmitter, receiver and a computer or laptop. The transmitter is placed on the inner side of the car window. The transmitter features a stabilized green LED that emits a beam of light through the car window. The receiver is placed on the outside of the car window. Due to the unique adhesion system both parts are attracted to each other and the receiver is automatically aligned to the transmitter section. The receiver then measures the amount of light that is transmitted through the car window. After the measurement, the results are directly transferred via a secured Bluetooth connection to your computer or laptop. Of course, the WAT560 also be used stand-alone without a computer. All three parts are completely wireless. There comes to pass any cable.

The WAT560 is fully microprocessor controlled and uses the latest techniques. The WAT560 equipped with a new type of large surface optical sensor. The sensor makes it possible that car windows can be accurately measured. Having a thickness from zero to 12.5 mm does not cause any problem. Existing meters indicate varying values ​​at different window thicknesses.