The EDA 2000 is an innovative exhaustdiesel analyser incorporating the latest in computer technology and designed to meet the highest technical demands. The powerful Pentium processor combined with the TEN technology provides rapid analysis of a vehicle performance with pinpoint precision of exhaust measurement. Together with the high resolution colour monitor, the keyboard, printer and deluxe cabinet, the EDA 2000 is the most complete and user friendly analyser for mandatory vehicle emissions testing and fault diagnosis.

The EDA 2000 is the result of years of experience and technical know-how of TEN Automotive.

The unique optical system and natural flow of the exhaust sample through the smoke meter prevents deposits of carbon and pollutants which results in a virtually maintenance free smoke meter. The EDA 2000s smoke chamber is completely made of aluminium to avoid corrosion and mechanical deformation, but to assure an optimal heat conduction. Together with the accurate and robust optical components, we guarantee a high quality and accurate measurement.

The EDA uses the partial flow principle. Only a part of the exhaust gasses is going through the smoke chamber. Compared to a full-flow analyser this means we were able to construct a more compact design. To avoid condensation and decompression of the gasses, the EDA is equipped with a powerful self-regulating heating system that keeps the smoke chamber temperature constantly at 100 °C.

To evaluate the test results, the EDA2000 has an A4 colourprinter. Overall the EDA2000 is probably the most versatile andcomplete diesel smoke analyser currently on the market!

Power supply
230 Volt AC
50 Hz
Max Power
500 W
Pentium processor
PC colour monitor
A4 colour
Ambient temperature
0 to 40 °C
Rel. humidity
up to 95%
0 – 99.9 % or 0 – 9.99 m-1
Cell temperature
0 – 150 °C
Oil temperature
0 – 150 °C
300 – 7500 1/min
Probe 1
1 meter, Ø 10 mm
Probe 2 (optional)
1 meter, Ø 27 mm
Probe 3 (optional)
3.5 meter, Ø 27 mm
EDA 2000 diesel analyser
Available options:
                              Zero emission unit                             
                              An exhaust extraction system designed to allow an accurate and clean
                              measurement of diesel exhaust emissions whitin the workshop environment

Zero emission unit

                              Engine speed sensors                              
                              Universal battery tacho for use with diesel and petrol enigine vehicles.
                              Can Simply be connected via the vehicle cigarette lighter or direct to the
                              12 volt battery

Engine speed sensors

                              EOBD adaptor to connect to OBD plug in the car, to have direct rpm an oil  
                              temperature of the vehicle in test conditions as well trouble codes and
                              readiness codes indicate on the reading unit.