The TEN SCAN 310 is a complete and comprehensive multi-brand diagnostic tool that simply can be connected to a laptop, PC or INNOVA emission analyser. This offers the user the ability to utilize the emission tester as a diagnostic scan tool to interrogate and diagnose faults on almost every modern car. The TEN SCAN 310 is standard supplied with the OBD cable and software containing more than fifty brands of passenger cars. Optionally available are different cable sets and motorbike, HCV, Multimeter and Aircon packages.

TEN Scan 310 is a robust, manageable and reliable tool. The connection to the laptop or INNOVA is established by the integrated bluetooth module and offers rapid and reliable communication. The power for the tool is supplied through the OBD cable, nevertheless an extra power supply is supplied as standard.

Once connected to the laptop, it's immediately clear how simple the SCAN 310 operates. The menu is logically arranged and allows each technician quickly to handle it. The measured values are clearly legible, even at distance.

TEN 310 Scan includes a wide range of functions which help you to make vehicle diagnostics much easier.
The functions at a glance:
  • Reading live data of various parameters
  • Reading of DTC's
  • Erasing stored DTC's
  • Reanding and display statuses
  • Activation of actuators
  • Resetting of service intervals
TEN Scan diagnostic tool
Avialable software package:
                              TEN-310        CARS and commercial vehicles 
                              TEN-380        Trucks and commercial vehicles
                              TEN-390        Motorcycle
Available options for TEN-310:
                              Asian cable set
                              Complete set of cables for Asian cars like Honda, Kia, Suzuki, Hundai, 
                              Toyota, Deawoo, Mazda, Nissan, ect. Placed in storing case.
                              Those cables are also separate available.

                              European cable set
                              Complete set of cables for european cars like Mercedes, BMW, PSA, Opel,
                              VAG, Ford, Fiat ect. Placed instoring case
                              Those cables are also separate available


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