Test Equipment Nederland BV was founded in 1985 by a group of engineers, working for TBA BV, a commercial and technical company in engine diagnostic equipment for workshops. This group of engineers had the idea of developing and manufacturing their own gas analyser. Because of this, several requests reached Test Equipment Nederland BV, if it was possible to act as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

After the first gas analyser was tested and approved by the Dutch Measuring Institute (NMi), manufacturing of the gas analysers started.

Due to success and progress in both companies, the decision was made to reorganize these companies into a Holding Structure. This was in April 1987. At that moment the Andriessen Holding BV consisted of two companies:

  • Technisch Bureau Andriessen BV (TBA)
  • Test Equipment Nederland BV (TEN)

Three years later a research and development team was founded. This team followed the developments in the automotive world very accurate. They foresaw the use of the 3-way catalytic converter and developed a tester which could measure the Lambda value. They also anticipated on the demands to examine diesel exhaust gasses and started to develop the EDA I diesel smoke analyser.

In May 1995 a new company started in Belgium with the name Test Equipment Belgium BVBA (TEB), established in Ternat near Brussels, that takes care of the sales and distribution for Belgium and Luxembourg.

In 1996 DAF trucks approved the TEN EDA I. They recommend it to all their dealers in the world. DAF trucks uses the EDA I in their engine testing department as a reverence-analyser.

In 1997 TEN reached a new landmark by manufacturing its ten-thousandth smoke meter. Most of the smoke meters were manufactured as OEM for Souriau, Tecalemit in England, for Gutmann Messtechnik and Mannesmann Kienzle VDO in Germany.

In February 1999 the TEN exhaust emissions analysers successfully completed FORD approval testing. After trials testing in England and Germany the analysers conformed to all FORD requirements in relation to the measurement and diagnosis of exhaust emissions. Therefore the TEN product range is approved by FORD and recommended for use to all their dealers in Europe through the official FORD Service Equipment Programme (FSE). All TEN products are CE-marked and have several approvals of foreign measuring institutes.

Nowadays TEN exports products to agents in 18 different countries all over the world. The Benelux, England, Germany and Asia are the best markets for TEN. The Andriessen Group is a private company and all the shares belong to her directors Mr. L.C.C. Andriessen and P.W.J . Andriessen permanently.
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