TEN Automotive Equipment manufactures a comprehensive range of exhaust emissions analysers, diagnostic tools and brake testers for the automotive industry.

Throughout the years TEN have built on their reputation for reliability in design and quality in manufacture of exhaust emissions analysers. With environmental issues becoming more and more important over the years and vehicle emissions testing being mandatory in most countries, TEN have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of exhaust emissions analysers in Europe.

From research & development through to delivery & after-sales TEN Automotive Equipment have the flexibility to adapt, of course, improve their products to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Analysis of service records and customer feedback indicates that TEN products are not only reliable and competitively priced but probably the most versatile and 'user-friendly' exhaust analysis equipment on the market.

Most of the TEN product range is recommended, or has been approved by a number of vehicle manufactures. The TEN EDA smokemeter received worldwide approval from DAF Trucks, demonstrating TEN's capability of developing and manufacturing high quality equipment for the passenger and heavy commercial vehicles market.

As new development and technological advances are filtering into the automotive industry, TEN will continue to innovate new products with their "highly qualified & experienced" team of technical & sales personnel.